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必威体育登录It was a great pleasure to be back sailing on Aleiga again, this time very ably skippered by the charming August.TING We didnHUOZHUA have the best of weather but we did enjoy the full Spitsbergen sail ski combo.TING We got Aleiga up to 10 knots under sail and admired magnificent scenery from remote mountain tops accompanied by eider ducks, northern fulmars, little auks, artic terns, barnacle geese, guillemots and puffins.

We had heard of polar bear and whale sightings but we contented ourselves with walrus.TING Their curiosity took them close on many occasions and we enjoyed inspecting their beach antics at Magdalena Fjord.TING One can only wonder what they thought of the 200+ passengers of the cruise ship Austral who were ferried to see them in a fleet of buzzing Zodiacs the morning after.

Cruise tourism to Svalbard has increased by 140% since 2007 so it was unsurprising to see so many cruise ships this time.TING The MSC Meraviglia brought 5700 passengers in one go when it visited in 2018! TINGThere are also many more yachts and small vessels taking ski groups like ours so if there is a problem we are part of it.

Finishing on a positive note, from a point of near extinction when hunting was finally made illegal in 1952, walrus numbers are also up.TING Approximately 4000 animals now call the archipelago home.



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Contrast is a wonderful travel companion.TING On this journey through Russia she accompanied us constantly; such was the variety and intensity of our experiences.TING They just kept coming.TING ItHUOCHU almost as if we visited three separate countries during three different time periods; provincial Russia, the traditional nomadic life of the Nenets and Moscow the gilded global capital.

必威体育登录Ski touring was of course the reason for our travels and the Ural Mountains delivered the goods.TING TheyHUODINGe neither high nor particularly accessible but there is a lot to choose from far from the Instagram trail.TING We had 2500km of mountains to ourselves and good skiing on every day.TING Privileged we indeed are.


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Our ski journey through South Central Alaska was with the local expert, IFMGA guide Joe Stock.  Joe loves his backcountry skiing.  When in the mountains on his skis he’s like a puppy dog with a ball.  It was fun and easy working with Joe as it was travelling and skiing with the team.  “Mountains are just mountains…?as Joe says, “It’s the people who make the mountains special.?/p>

必威体育登录Alaska delivered the goods; great weather, superb skiing and fun people.


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We toured to Bandijerna in the heart of the Durmitor National Park on a sensational day, followed this up with an excellent, short bad weather trip to Mali Stuoc and enjoyed a finale to remember on 2420m Sljema.TING On every day we were accompanied but one or more of the local dogs who seemed as happy as we were to be out enjoying the fresh air, exercise and lovely views.



如果需要添加关键字库,直接把文本复制到当前目录即可,注意编码格式一定要是utf-8,不然会乱码All World Skiing http://n7webs.com/bih/ Mon, 25 Mar 2019 13:54:31 +0000 http://wayoffpiste.com/?p=609 必威体育登录Everyone in Bosnia smokes; or thatHUOCHU how it seems.TING Our cigarette smoking hotel owner said his mother gets through four packets a day.TING Walk into any public place be it a restaurant, bar, cafMAO or service station and the air will be a toxic fug of tobacco smoke.TING Why do Bosnians have such a universal disregard for their health?TING Perhaps the answer is partly due to the tragic recent past? Why too is the Bosnian countryside empty; villages and small towns devoid of inhabitants?TING Urban migration is happening all over the world but there’s more too it here.TING The scars left by the 92-95 war run deep.

必威体育登录Bosnia is a wonderfully mountainous country with much to offer the outdoors person and reliable snow for us ski tourers.TING Tourism is to be encouraged, bringing as does much needed revenue.TING Even the omnipresent Bosnian traffic police do their bit to promote tourism by only extorting money from the locals.TING The country is culturally rich and the people we met were very kind to us.TING I hope the future will kind to them but there is an edge to the place and sadly I fear for what it may hold.



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The ladies of the Pri Martinu looked after us handsomely and with an ever present smile.TING Fortified by portions of schnitzel the size of small wheels, dumplings, and mountains of apple strudel we had to ensure a minimum of 1000m per day.TING Thankfully this was achieved.

The Julian Alps of Slovenia are steep and one understands why the hardest route on many of the worldHUOCHU big mountains is HUOThe Slovenian RouteHUO?TING The ski touring terrain lies between impressive peaks and is also steep, requiring good conditions and technique to be enjoyed safely.TING We were lucky in having those conditions and the weather to enjoy them.



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必威体育登录Our invite came from a chance encounter with Misha, Gleb and friends on a flight to the Georgian Caucasus in 2016.TING Fast forward three years to Mykulychyn where friendly people gave us a warm welcome, where the skiing was good and the evenings’s entertainment memorable.TING The Tequila Band from Ushhorord rock and VitalyHUOCHU Ungweiser craft beer hits the spot though like all beers we have tried so far it does not enhance ski performance.TING If the world’s leaders were telemarkers there would be a lot more peace and understanding between nations.

Thank you to everyone and especially to Sasha for all the driving.


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必威体育登录We went to the Azeri north-western part of Iran which has a real ethnic and linguistic mix and is rarely visited by westerners. The Sahand mountains and IranHUOCHU third highest, 4 811m Mt Sabalan are well suited to ski touring though we had difficult snow conditions and a high avalanche risk.TING Just look at the photos.TING Each mountain shot shows a shallow snow pack, old, cold snow and all heavily windblown.TING Care and discipline were required.

必威体育登录Prior to skiing some of us fulfilled a longstanding desire to visit the ancient cities of Esfahan, Shiraz and Persepolis.TING We werenHUOZHUA disappointed.TING The magnificent Sheikh Safi od-Din mausoleum in Ardabil where the eponymous carpet originated was the final cultural highlight; or was it the packed offal restaurant for dinner where we did our best with heart, lungs, kidney and tripe?


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必威体育登录This was the Classic Rock road trip but we werenHUOZHUA in the US just for the music.TING We were there for low density powder.TING And like on our Saturday night out in Jackson we hit the jackpot.TING Our four days in each of three areas, the San Juans of Colorado, the Wasatch and the Tetons continually gave some of the best skiing any of us can remember.TING Let the photos do the talking.


如果需要添加关键字库,直接把文本复制到当前目录即可,注意编码格式一定要是utf-8,不然会乱码All World Skiing http://n7webs.com/val-maira/ Mon, 18 Feb 2019 16:36:31 +0000 http://wayoffpiste.com/?p=544 Many of us firmly believe that when possible an espresso should be taken before ski touring.  We were at the bar doing just that.  Alessandro has superb coffee and as we delighted in the strong, silky smooth nectar he shared his thoughts on La Scienza del caffé.

必威体育登录Firstly, the glass of water is to cleanse the palate.TING It should not be drunk after the coffee unless the latter is bad!TING One then enjoys the aftertaste for a long time.TING The golden rule is never, never, never should sugar be added.TING Ten different coffees with the same sugar all taste the same.

I felt that I didnHUOZHUA need to ask Alessandro what he thought of milk, whipped cream, vanilla syrup, chocolate sequins, white chocolate mocha sauce, caramel, cinnamon or cocoa powder.

Instead of coffee we should have been drinking mint tea, with lots of sugar.TING The plan had been to ski in the MHUORUIoun, the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.TING TINGWhat snow there was in the Atlas this year was vitrified and far too dangerous for skiing so we changed to Val Maira at the last minute.TING For most of us it was our first time skiing there and we were all blown away by the potential.TING There are so many ski touring possibilities and the coffee really is good.TING IHUOHUI sure weHUOFENGl be back.